Our trainers

All our coaches used to be heavy smokers and are now consistently clean. Learn from them how easy it is to become a non-smoker!

Our seminar character

We all hear this stubborn voice within us. It says: „Smoke a cigarette at last!“, „Cigarettes belong to coffee“ or „Smoking is relaxing!“. That voice comes from Günter. Günter is our inner hog.

Günter has no idea, but he still gives us advice all the same. So it’s better to first explain to Günter the mechanisms by which smoking works. What does nicotine do to us? How does one become a non-smoker – without bad mood swings, dubious pills and substitute drugs? And how do you remain slim?

Günter is our seminar character: Created by Stefan Frädrich and drawn by Timo Wuerz. He illustrates our presentations and numerous books. You can find more about Günter on Günter’s website.

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Evaluation and studies

We are constantly striving to measure and improve the success of our smoking cessation seminars. That’s why our seminars are evaluated regularly, most often by companies. Please take a look at some of the results here:

Our Friends and Partners:

Federal Association of Health Insurance Providers (BKK)

The BKK Federal Association recognizes and supports the seminar “ Non-smoker in five hours „, making it a pioneer in things prevention. You can find our co-authored brochure „To smoke or not to smoke?“ under „Books/Publications“.



The Charité Berlin evaluates our seminars and assesses them.


German Sports University Cologne (DSHS)

Our Cologne seminars often take place in the premises of the German Sports University. In addition, PIGDOG-Consulting also cooperates scientifically with the DSHS: Currently, two sports diploma students are working on the interaction between smoking and sport.



Work-Life-Booster short and crisp – GEDANKENtanken as an Event – Impulse querbeet


Ingo Buckert

Since 2003 Ingo Buckert has been a trainer for health-related topics with his own coaching companies. In addition to his lectures, he trains instructors for the seminars “ Non-smoker in 5 hours “ and “ Fit in 5 hours „. He is an expert and co-initiator of the German Society for Nicotine Prevention, founder of the Association for Sport and Health in Cologne and a professional member of the German Speakers Association.


Mentor Foundation

The Mentor Foundation, to which Dr. Stefan Frädrich is a member of its Expert Council, deals with drug prevention and coaching projects for children and adolescents. The foundation is international under the patronage of Queen Sylvia of Sweden.


Non-smoker Freiburg e.V.

Non-smoker Freiburg e.V.

Playa in Cologne

The „Playa“ is not only the most popular beach volleyball facility in Cologne, but also an event agency for events of all kinds!


Radio Fritz

Bringing the seminar “ Non-smoker in five hours “ on radio format is not sooo simple – and nevertheless it can be done: With moderator Holger Klein of the youth station rbb Fritz, non-smoker instructor Thilo Baum has already turned listeners into non-smokers several times in the Night-Talk broadcast „Bluemoon“.


Stefan Frädrich

Dr. Stefan Frädrich holds seminars and lectures, writes books and is a TV coach in addition to „Non-smokers in 5 hours“.


Thilo Baum

Thilo Baum’s website is worth a visit. Not only because of the exciting seminars, but also because of the entertaining Weblog (see „Lounge“!) – have fun!


Timo Wuerz

We constantly get asked who drew the pigs. Answer: HE has drawn them! He is one of the big names in the German comic scene and has a lot more to offer than just a few line drawings. Have a look for yourself …



Motho-Design from Cologne is responsible for the development of the new non-smoking in 5 hours website. The team develops, advises and designs tailor-made solutions for small and medium-sized companies, start-ups and freelancers. The main focus is on excellent and functional design.


Links on the subject of smoking

Ärztlicher Arbeitskreis Rauchen und Gesundheit e.V. (Medical Task Force on Smoking and Health)

The Ärztlicher Arbeitskreis Rauchen und Gesundheit e.V. advocates for a greater social awareness about smoking as a form of harassment and a health risk.


The Federal Centre for Health Education

The Federal Centre for Health Education operates under the authority of the Federal Ministry of Health and Social Security (BMGS) and thus under the umbrella of the Federal Government.


German Cancer Relief

The German Cancer Relief Association has been in existence since 1974. Its aim is the fight against cancer – and therefore also the fight against smoking.


German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg

The Cancer Information Service of the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg also provides important and interesting information.


Drugs in the brain

How nicotine and other drugs work in the brain is shown by the fascinating animated graphics on this Dutch page (Available in German language):


Central testing centre for prevention

A quality portal for prevention courses. All our seminars are certified and listed here.


Jeffrey Wigand

The former tobacco manager brought the secret practices of the tobacco industry to light. Jeffrey Wigand’s story is authentically portrayed in „The Insider“ (1999) with Russell Crowe and Al Pacino available at every good video store. Information on the film can also be found at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0140352/.


Legacy Tobacco Documents Library

For browsing and researching: Here you will find published original documents of the tobacco industry in the custody of the University of California in San Francisco. On the one hand, the bosses of the big US tobacco companies swore before the US Congress in the nineties that they knew nothing about the connection between nicotine and addiction. On the other hand, internal tobacco industry documents prove that the industry has long been aware of the dreamlike customer loyalty generated by its addictive products and that it has been targeting young people.


Non-smoker initiative Germany registered association.

Here you will find almost everything about smoking: Information, links and tips.


Smoke-free gastronomy

If you are looking for smoke-free pubs and restaurants, you will find them at


Team Health

For companies: Everything you need to know about non-smoker protection in the workplace.