Günter becomes a non-smoker

Actually, we know exactly what we should do: finally throw away the cigarettes and become non-smokers. Yes, indeed … But we also hear this stubborn voice within us. It says: „Smoke a cigarette at last!“, „Cigarettes belong to coffee“ or „Smoking is relaxing!“.

That voice comes from Günter. Günter is our inner hog. Günter has no idea, but he still gives us advice all the same. So it’s better to first explain to Günter the mechanisms by which smoking works. What does nicotine do to us? How does one become a non-smoker – without bad mood swings, dubious pills and substitute drugs? And how do you remain slim? Just read the 100 illustrated tips – and your inner hog will never want to smoke again!

Air! Quite simply a non-smoker

You will be more beautiful, healthier, richer, happier and freer when you have finally thrown away your cigarettes forever. And you’ll have plenty of air – just like before, before you were lured into the nicotine trap.

Why do we smoke anyway? What does nicotine do to us? How does cigarette advertising manipulate us? If you understand how smoking works from a biological and psychological point of view, you hardly need any willpower to quit. It is then easy to become and remain a non-smoker – without any pills, hocus-pocus or psycho-nonsense. In a good mood and without gaining weight.

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Simply non-smoker: Live healthy!

A guide for people who want to quit smoking and remain non-smokers long-term. The guide introduces the risks of smoking, gives assistance on the way to quitting smoking and shows individual possibilities for self-help in order to cope with complaints such as withdrawal symptoms and fear of failure.

The Günter Concept for a healthy body: How to feel at ease with your inner hog

Gunter is our inner hog and knows nothing about fitness and sports. It’s about time to show him with a few good tricks how to get fit in a good mood. Life is much better without cigarettes! Provided Günter understands why: How does nicotine really work? How do you become a non-smoker without dubious pills or substitute drugs overnight? And will you stay slim and in a good mood? Günter also doesn’t have a clue about good nutrition. And so we eat too much, drink too little and hardly move. The Günter concept explains how nutrition really works and how the pounds then tumble by themselves without having to give up, without hunger, without a bad mood.

The Günter Concept: How to motivate your inner hog

Do you know Günter? Günter is your inner hog. He lives in your head and keeps you from anything that sounds new, daring or exhausting. Do it as you always do! and better start tomorrow! . Günter is the success inhibitor on duty.

It is better then, Günter gets a few tips on how to support you in the future: How do you optimally motivate yourself and others? How do you unleash your inner strength? How can your brain support you? And how can you easily achieve what you have set for yourself?

Take an exciting journey through important insights from motivational psychology, coaching and neuroscience! Guaranteed to be humorously delivered together with your inner hog.

Gunter, the Inner Hog (Anniversary Edition)

We actually know exactly what we should do: clean up, talk to each other better or have more courage. Yes, really . But we also have this inner voice within us. It says: “ Let it be“, „Do it later“ or „You won’t make it anyway“. This voice comes from Günter.

Günter is our inner hog. Where does Günter mess up our life? And how do we best deal with it? Read the more than 100 illustrated tips – and your inner hog will be tamed!

To smoke or not to smoke?

Stop smoking – that is of course also a topic for groups! About 3 million people in Germany are members of self-help groups. The BKK Federal Association and the Deutsche Hauptstelle für Suchtfragen e.V. (German Headquarters for Addiction Issues) give you with this brochure a way to deal simply and objectively with the subject of non Smoking

Non-smoker in 5 hours – The seminar on DVD

Become a non-smoker again – without pressure or compulsion, without anyone pointing fingers. No know-it-all, no prohibitions – and above all: no militant non-smoking slogans!

Learn everything you need to know about smoking with Dr. Stefan Frädrich in five hours on 2 DVDs: If one understands how smoking works biologically and psychologically, one does not need willpower to stop smoking. It is then easy to become and remain a non-smoker: without pills, hocus-pocus or psycho-nonsense. Feel like you used to before you were lured into the nicotine trap.

Non-smoker in 5 hours – The APP

With our new app on your smartphone, you can become a non-smoker on the go at any time. For seminar participants even at a special relapse price. Find out more.