The Seminar

Thanks to „non-smoker in 5 hours“, thousands have already stopped smoking successfully and permanently. In the seminar you will learn about the mechanisms which smoking is really based on. You will get a lot of motivation to make the permanent decision not to smoke anymore. And then you will flip the switch in your head and throw away the cigarettes – internally convinced and therefore easily achieved.

No pressure – no coercion – no pointed fingers. In five hours, you will experience …

  • how nicotine works and what role psychology plays in smoking,
  • how does the „I want to smoke“ feeling arises and how do you permanently turn it off,
  • how to free yourself from smoking without a feeling of loss and without gaining weight
  • and the mindset with which you can remain a non-smoker.


The seminar sessions take place nationwide. They are carried out by qualified trainers. Here you can find all the dates. Also in your area.