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I. Buckert & Dr. Frädrich GbR

RheinEnergieSTADION / Tribüne Süd

Aachener Straße 999
D-50933 Köln

Tel: + 49 (221) 71616227, + 49 (221) 71616 224
Fax: +49 (221) 71616 225

E-Mail: info@pigdog.de

T. Baum & Dr. Frädrich GbR

Langenberg (Forsth.) 49
D-36129 Gersfeld (Rhön)

Tel. (06654) 9188046
E-Mail: info@luftfabrik.com

Press Service

Are you a journalist looking for an expert on smoking, nicotine and tobacco addiction? We are available at your earliest convenience and without any complications – whether for quotes, interviews or talk shows and for many other things about smoking and quitting. We answer your questions on the topics competently, suitable for the media and at any time:

  • Suitability and success rates of different smoking cessation methods
  • How the body recovers after stopping smoking
  • Why smokers need cigarettes and non-smokers don’t
  • Biochemical effect of nicotine
  • Psychological dependence on smoking
  • Effects of tobacco advertising
  • Importance of the tobacco advertising ban for smokers and prevention
  • Smoker logic, lies and illusions about smoking
  • Strategies of the tobacco industry
  • Internal documents of the tobacco industry
  • Suitability of different approaches to prevention at school
  • Shisha (water pipe)
  • herbal cigarettes

Contact: 0221-7166227 or via info@pigdog.de