Calculate the profit for your company!

We take into consideration ...

  • the higher sickness rate due to smokers (on average 15 sick days per year and person instead of 10 for non-smokers)
  • the lost time when smokers leave their workplace to smoke – on average they do so every 45 minutes. However, we only calculate this factor for those smokers who actually walk out of the workplace to smoke.
  • We also take into account that smokers cannot leave their workplace on their sick days.
  • the expenses of your company for the seminar
  • a relapse rate which you manually determine.

We do not take into consideration ...

  • the increase in motivation due to greater harmony in a smoke-free workplace
  • the increase in performance due to non-smoking (less anxiety, increased oxygen)
  • the savings from possible damages caused by dirty air conditioning systems or burn holes
  • the savings from possible damage to machines and/or material
  • the savings from reduced cleaning costs